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Roy "Questionable" For Lakers; Decision Will Be Made Tomorrow

Brandon Roy participated in drills and 3 on 3 play during Blazers practice this morning.  Afterwards, he said he still felt some discomfort in his hamstring, enough that he wouldn't play if there was a game tonight.  "It's better," Roy noted "there's a chance I'll play [tomorrow night]." But later, he admitted, "I'm questionable for tomorrow. I'll see after shootaround tomorrow."  

Nate McMillan agreed that no decision would come until after Roy participates in more drills in tomorrow morning's shootaround. "He went through some 3 on 3 today and he's still feeling it... On a couple of his moves he kind of felt it still there.  We'll look at him again tomorrow in shootaround," McMIllan said. "He's gotta feel right. He can't have any doubt in his mind about that before taking the floor."

Asked whether he had given consideration to holding out Roy through the All Star break, McMillan said, "We haven't talked about that. My main focus has been on the team."  But McMillan has clearly considered the virtues of a cautious approach.  "If he comes out and he's not right and he pulls that thing in a game, you put yourself in a difficult position.  Right now we're in [the Western Conference race]."

"I'm frustrated," Roy said multiple times today and admitted that he was getting tired of talking about the hamstring, which has been dogging him for weeks now.  "It's not going as fast as I would like.... maybe I'm rushing it a little bit. I just have to be smart."

Roy said he will continue to receive treatment tonight.

(12:33PM): The team has just officially listed both Brandon Roy and Jerryd Bayless as "questionable" for tomorrow.  Bayless did not participate in practice today due to a left quadricep injury and the general soreness discussed last night.


Here's Nate McMillan on Bayless's injuries... 

Bayless did not do anything [in practice today]. He was pretty sore last night and this morning. He didn't do anything. He got kneed. It was pretty sore. He got kneed.  He was pretty sore. Today he got on the bike. 

If both Roy and Bayless can't play tomorrow night, Nate McMillan would have a decision whether to start Steve Blake or Rudy Fernandez at the 2 or to move Martell Webster down to the 2 and start Nicolas Batum at the 3.  

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter