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Gameday Open Thread: Spurs vs. Blazers--Pre-Game Edition

The game isn't until 7:30 tonight but...oh wait.  It's TNT isn't it?  Part of their East Coast-West Coast doubleheader?  My bad.  The game won't be shown until 9:30 tonight because the first game will go long and then they'll have to do post-game interviews plus analysis from Mike Fratello (whose elucidations are as slow as his offenses used to be) plus quips from Charles and Kenny and EJ plus the all-important commercials from car companies whose products are being recalled or whose corporate offices are bankrupt or whose models you can't afford anyway.  Plus you'll see a razor commercial where a hot, perfectly coiffed, impeccably made-up girl is hugging a guy from behind and staring at him adoringly as he shaves because we all know the main place gals want to go once they've gotten dolled up is the bathroom after a man's been in there.  Then you'll have the syndicated commercials including the money-for-gold company that's going to pretend they lost your dental fillings submission in the mail, the insurance guy who's so wacky you'd trust him with your life, and the lawyer who wants you to have Mesothelioma really, really badly.  By the time all that is done it should be mid-third quarter, at which time the commentators will pitch to Cheryl Miller on the sideline for a 45-minute exposé on Greg Oden's texting habits.  If you're lucky you'll get to see the final play of the game, which hopefully will involve Portland shooting charity free throws as they're up by 11.

But never fear, you can talk about the game right here throughout the evening.  This pre-game thread will be up until 7:30 at which time the first half thread will open just above it.  Enjoy!

--Dave (