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The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 019

Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back with a particularly energetic new episode of The Dontonio Wingcast.  In this 44 minute episode taped Monday morning...

  • Kevin gets some sweet, sweet revenge.
  • We briefly look back at the Greg Oden photo scandal and press conference.
  • We discuss Brandon Roy's all star nomination and how the Blazers have looked both good (Andre Miller's 52 point outburst) and bad (the 21-2 start against Utah). 
  • We take a look at Nicolas Batum's defense on Dirk Nowitzki, his role going forward and where he fits into Nate McMillan's defensive philosophy historically.

You can subscribe to our iTunes feed or stream/download the mp3 here: Download The Dontonio Wingcast 019. The mp3 is 40 megabytes.

-- Ben Golliver | ( | Twitter