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Brandon Roy: "If This Is With Me The Whole Season, Then I Don't Really Have A Shot At Playing"

Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy attempted to play during tonight's game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Roy played tentatively for stretches of the first half but was clearly favoring his injured hamstring.  After conferring with coach Nate McMIllan at halftime, Roy did not play in the second half of tonight's game.

After the game, Roy addressed questions from reporters regarding his health.  He painted a grim picture.  Here's a partial transcript.  Questions are bolded, paraphrased and were asked by multiple reporters. Roy's answers are transcribed as closely as possible.

Will you play Friday?

Right now I'd say it's doubtful. Even before tonight I feel good but I still haven't woke up and felt like it's gone...

How would you describe the hamstring now?

I can only go for 30-35 minutes before that pain starts to come back. I felt like I was good enough to try it. If I don't try it tonight, what's the difference Friday? So [McMillan] said ok, play for two quarters and let me know when you can't. About halftime I said 'Coach [I can't go.]'

Why did you decide to shut it down tonight?

It started to pull.  I made a cut to get the ball when Andre had it in the corner. I felt it on the cut. Then I felt it on the turnaround. Then I started to feel it on every play. There's moments when I feel it and then I won't. At that point I started to feel it every time I made a move. It was letting me know that that was the time to shut it down.

What will you do tomorrow?

Tomorrow all I talked about with Coach is rest and treatment and we'll re-evaluate Thursday.

Did it feel the same as when you re-aggravated it in Philadelphia against the 76ers?

It was't like Philly. I didn't feel a moment where it pulled. I just felt a moment when it got really tight. It was different than Philadelphia. I've been off of it for awhile now and I can't seem to go for more than 1 or 2 quarters.

Do you feel like this could be with you for the rest of the season?

I think if this [pain] is with me the whole season then I don't really have a shot at playing. This is bad. I don't know. It's something I have to talk to coach about. It's to the point where I can't play because it hurts too bad.

I felt like I was worried for your hamstring every time you touched the ball.

Yeah, I did too. I did too. That's part of it. I feel like my rhythm is off. I'm afraid to make that hard play. That one time I was cutting to get open to get the ball it hurt. It's difficult to deal with right now. 

Do you regret playing tonight?

No, I don't regret it.

Before the game you said you weren't going to play

I was going back and forth since last night. Will Friday be a difference? I don't think so. I've been off it for awhile. Just one practice and it felt like it was back. Let me see if this is a pain I can play with. For about a quarter and a half I was feeling like I can deal with it as long as it doesn't get tight. At the end of the second quarter [it started to get tight.]

Could you practice tomorrow?

I feel like if I was going to practice tomorrow I could probably go for about 30 minutes and then....

Were you thinking about the injury during the game?

Yeah, I was thinking about it every move. Just because it's something where I can feel it. I take those long steps and really explode...

Do you feel your season is in jeopardy?

Yeah, I feel like that. I felt like that last night after practice, being on the bench. I talked to LaMarcus and he's like 'What do you do next?' Me, I don't know. I don't know where to go. Two week stretches isn't doing it. We don't have that much longer in the season. I definitely feel like my season has been pretty messed up by this.

Was it your decision or Nate's decision for you to play tonight?

It was both of ours. We talked before the game. I told him the biggest thing I'm kind of cautious about is game speed. I can practice and do one on one drills, I can do those all day. It was that game speed I was always afraid of. [McMillan] told me the only way you're going to know is if you go out there. It was both our decision. I was going back and forth. 'Coach, I'm going to play.' And then next thing, 'Coach I don't think I should.'

Do you regret playing?

I don't regret playing. That was the biggest thing. I didn't feel like this would be any different than Friday.

Why not wait?

That's the biggest reason I think it's in jeopardy because I don't think it'll be any different Sunday. So I thought about it and decided to test it tonight instead of Friday.

You mentioned your season could be in jeopardy, that's a new development

I've been dealing with this since late December.... early January.  It's just not getting better.

It's almost like my body is telling me that it's not about medicine, it's just about taking time and resting. Medicine, treatment I've done everything. I've met with different people, doctors. 

I sit out for two weeks and I practice for one day and it's back to square one. It's not like I can have two good days in a row. I can only have one good day on the court and then it's like you have to sit out again.

You seem as upset now as I can remember

I don't think I've been through something like this. This is different. Now it's like I've been out so long and we're so close and I'm not able to deliver.

Do you feel like things are set up now with Camby and you're missing out

Yeah that's something I definitely think about. We've got Camby. People expect me to play and I'm not able to. We still have a good team. With Marcus being able to come to this team we feel like we have a chance to make the playoffs. It's tough for me, I'd like to be a part of it.

Are you saying the PRP treatment was ineffective?

I'm not saying that. It's the proof is in the pudding. I can't say yes or no, I can't play right now. 

But you didn't feel any positive results?

Yeah because they say it's going to make you cramp for 2 or 3 days and since then I haven't felt much of a difference.

Roy also noted that he had not yet discussed the possibility of missing the rest of the season with the coaching staff or training staff.

One final note.  Brandon Roy had a printout of Psalms 13 in his locker, something I haven't seen before.  It's titled: "A Prayer for Help in Trouble."  Here's the full text

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter