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Blazers, Wesley Matthews In Videos

A couple of nice Blazers-related videos out there this morning.

First, Ken Berger asked me a few weeks back which Portland Trail Blazer he should sit down with for a one-on-one video interview. Was there ever a doubt, given the start to the season, that the answer would be Wesley Matthews?

Below is a preview of his chat with Matthews, which will run in full later this week. Matthews talks about his mother and the effect his five-year contract has had upon his family. Matthews talks about supporting his mother after she worked multiple jobs when he was a child to make ends meet. "It's the best feeling in my life," Matthews says. "Being able to let my mom relax. She's still not relaxing, she's trying. She's not very good at relaxing yet. She doesn't have to get up and go to work. All she's doing is helping take care of my business, what's going on with me, and she loves doing that. It's been a blessing, being able to do that for her."

Our old friends at The Basketball Jones talk about Portland's win last night, naming their episode in honor of Patty Mills and dropping plenty of love for Matthews as well. 

Tas Melas is here to ensure that your Blazers-related meme goes international!

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter