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Blazer Chatter 12/31/10

Good morning, all, and happy almost-new year!  This is your thread for discussing all random Blazers-oriented things that aren't already covered in a thread on the site.  

(For completely off-topic stuff, by the way, our friend Norsktroll has a fine Junk Drawer posted in the sidebar.  That's the place to hobnob about personal things and life in general and get to know folks on a new and occasionally-disturbing level.) 

The obvious conversation starter this morning, besides reflecting on the significance (or not) of beating divisional-poobah Utah twice in one week, is the Brandon Roy situation.  Last night the low simmer came to a head as the team announced he'd be out indefinitely.  You can read the press release, the press conference transcript, and post-game quotes from Nate McMillan posted below.  There's plenty of discussion on those already.  The question of the day is what you think Roy needs to be when he comes back in order for the Blazers to be successful by whatever definition you choose.  Does Portland need the old Roy back completely?  Will a facsimile do and, if so, what particular attributes and contributions should he bring?  I suppose some will say he should be traded but I deem that highly difficult at this point and probably for years to come...or at least until after the lockout.  But if you want to go there, I guess that's OK too. 

So goggle up and have at it, Blazer fans, regarding Roy or whatever you choose.  The comments are open.

--Dave (