Jimmy Junk, err, Jump. Into 2011.

Ever wondered who that crazy runner/jumper with the red wool-cap and often black shirt is who regularly appears rushing out of left (or right, or across) field at international events, such as the 2010 world cup final (with capable security guys tackling him for once), the 2006 world cup final, the 2010 Eurovision song contest confusing the Spanish representatives, the 2004 Olympics, various soccer finals, motor sports races which is a real security risk, and dozens more? Is he a marketing gag? Why does he wear clothes unless some of the more "traditional" streakers and field runners who are really exhibitionists?

His stage name is Jimmy Jump, his real name is Jaume Marquet i Cot, he is in his late 30s, and he is from Catalonia (he wears a red hat in honor of his native region). This is his website. Many people not to mention security staff find him highly annoying since he exposes how weak security is for big events by doing this time and again and regularly coming very close to some stars, some find him funny, and he even has a philosophy behind his publicity stunts of entertaining people and representing Catalonia. Well, in the end he probably just craves the attention :-)

I would say he stands in the tradition of Rollen Stewart the rainbow-colored wig wearing John 3:16 guy and others (per-)using big televised events for their own messages. Some corporate sponsors have also made use of this to gain publicity by paying people to try and get on camera with their website name on their shirt (won't mention those here). 

I recently got reminded of jumpers/streakers when watching a James Blunt concert, and he jumped off the stage into the audience. Security had their backs to the stage and somehow missed that. And since he doesn't look remarkable for a star, they just saw someone jumping off the stage and then trying to climb back onto it. Uh uh son. And so his own security tackled James Blunt and put him on the floor until someone could explain to them that this was the singer people had come to see.

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