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Brandon Roy Pre-Game Comments Transcript

Here is the transcript of Brandon Roy's comments from tonight's pre-game press conference from Ben.

What's tougher: the physical or the mental?

"It's hard to say what's tougher, the knees or the mental side of it. It's difficult. It's really nothing I can do about it, but to continue to work to try to find a solution for it."

When you do expect to return?

"Right now there's no timetable. It's just until we can find a solution for this problem."

Can you guess when you'll return?

"I can't even guess. I would love to give people a timetable, I can't."

Is sitting out the entire season a possibility?

"It's a possibility. That is a possibility. But don't even want to go that far to say that."

What kind of treatment are you receiving?

"Right now, we're doing a number of different things.  I can't exactly go into detail of what we're doing. We have a number of people working to try to get me back on the court. Our doctors are doing a great job of trying to help me get through this, not just physically but mentally... we're looking at a bunch of different options and try to make a smart decision."

What led you to make the decision that you're going to sit indefinitely?

"Talking with coach and Rich Cho. Let's just put it out there that we don't know a timetable for your return. He doesn't want me to continue to answer questions week-to-week."

Physically, though, what led you to make the decision?

"After sitting out these last two weeks, the knee hasn't really improved to where I think I can go out there and be much better than I was that last game. That led to this decision."

Are you looking for new treatments in addition to the rest?

"It's not just the rest. We're trying to explore some different options to correct the problem."

Are you trying to remain optimistic about your future?

"Yes. I'm trying to be positive and I'm looking forward to being back out there with the team. These guys have done a great job since I've been out, they're doing a great job. I've been watching all the games, I'm happy that they're back home where I can be around them and talk to them. It's difficult for me to take away from what they're trying to do."

Would you consider a transplant procedure?

"I can't even go into detail with you about that exact question, but there are some things that we are going to discuss with doctors to see if it can help me, to play at a level that I feel I can be productive."

What can you do non-surgically?

"The biggest thing is finding a treatment, rest isn't seeming to answer the question. When I go out and play, I still feel it. Try to find a new treatment so I can be productive out there."

What did you mean about this being difficult mentally?

"Just going through this. It's tough for me, being young, coming off some really good seasons. Not just expectations that people have, but ones I have for myself. It's difficult mentally."

Has the injury made you think about the end of your career?

"I think any time players get injured we always worry about our careers. It's something in the back of my mind that I think about at times, but right now I'm just trying to focus my energy on a solution rather than thinking, 'Oh, my career...'"

Were you resistant to making this decision?

"For me, there's always a resistance this year. I've tried to tell myself I can go out there a number of times. Eventually it got to me that we need to maybe do something different if I'm going to go out there. The NBA is a long season, and I don't want to go through it limping through the whole entire year."

Is surgery a possibility?

"Yes, it's a possibility."

The release said both knees were giving you pain?

"The other [right] knee has been having a little bit of problems also, but not as much as the left knee. Going through this process that I've been going through, I've been putting a little too much I think on my right knee."

What other treatment options are out there?

"Right now, I don't know. We've explored a number of them. We'll continue to look for them. We'll just look for everything. It may be something that comes up we haven't heard of, surgery, those are all things we'll be looking for."

Have you thought this is the end of the Roy/Oden/Aldridge era?

"Right now, I've just been trying to figure out the solution to my knee. I haven't really looked at the overall view of things. I think that's maybe something Rich Cho or maybe even Mr. Allen might have to answer. Right now I'm just trying to do my best to get out there on the court. It's tough for me to answer that question."

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