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Gameday Open Thread: Portland 102, Golden State 109 (Postgame)

Golden State took over late, outscoring Portland 19-5 down the stretch while the Blazer offense sputtered, leading to a Warriors victory on Christmas night.

Oakland's arena has recently been a "house of horrors" for the Blazers, and tonight was no exception. Monta Ellis had a huge game, with 39 points and 7 assists. On the Blazer side, Wesley Matthews led with 25 points, Nicolas Batum scored 18 with 10 rebounds, and Andre Miller ended with 12 points, 15 assists and 7 rebounds.

Tonight was another reminder how hard it is to beat any one NBA team twice in a week. Next up: Another tough game, Monday night in Utah against the Jazz.

Box score here. Discuss the game, vent for a few if necessary, then stay tuned for the recap later, if you dare. -- Tim