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Christmas Greetings

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Garden

Blazer fans' hearts were beginning to harden

The team was half injured, their stars oft complaining

Outside there was no snow, just drizzling and raining

But then stirred a voice, to the fans' ears delicious

It spoke of a list of fond Blazer fan wishes

By ones and by twos it poured out its requests

One voice for all, at its co-fans' behest:

For LaMarcus Aldridge some moves in the post

Some love for A. Miller, who passes the most

For dear Wesley Matthews applause if you please

For Roy and for Oden, two new pairs of knees

For Rudy Fernandez, his shot reconnecting

For AJ and Mills, lessons in floor directing

For our Joel Przybilla some time on the floor

And for Marcus Camby the same, even more

For Monsieur Batum, clear drives and great slams

A hat and lunch bucket for D. Cunningham

For Marks and for Babbitt some run off the pine

And wins for all gathered 'gainst teams good and fine

And lest we forget, for old Coach McMillan

A game where he's not being cast as the villain

For owner Paul Allen, health both good and vital

And sweet, vivid dreams about chasing a title

For fans young and old, many chances to cheer

A good Blazers Christmas and a better new year!

Whatever be wrong, whatever the lack

There's no greater gift than to bleed red and black.