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New Front Page Feature: Blazer Chat

Today we're introducing a new front-page feature to be carried on non-game days.  It's called Blazer Chat because that's what the comment section of this post is for.  It's a catch-all thread where you can discuss the state of the Blazers, your hopes and dreams, your analysis, or anything else about the team that doesn't warrant its own Fanpost or Fanshot.  The only rules are to keep the talk Blazer-centered (off-topic chatter should go in the daily Junk Drawer Fanpost in the sidebar) and to not duplicate a topic that's already on the main page.  As soon as Ben posts a Fanpost about a specific event that hit the news the discussion of that event should fall under his post, not here.

Hopefully this will give people a chance to get together each non-game day.  It's also a great place for some thoughts that are currently appearing in the Fanpost section but really might not warrant their own separate post.  If you have a 2-3 sentence take, file it here and let the community respond. 

The thread is open.  What are you thinking and feeling about the Blazers today?

--Dave (