Broussard: Brandon Roy May Or May Not Have Approached Rich Cho About Trading Either Him Or Andre Miller

Chris Broussard of has a strangely worded report about the dynamic between Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy and Andre Miller. Obviously, there's tension between the two, but Broussard says a source tells him it may go deeper than that... ------------------------ One plugged-in person with knowledge of Portland’s inner workings told me Roy spoke with Blazers management less than two weeks ago about the need for Miller and him to part ways. While Roy did not issue a trade demand or request, I’m told he said something to this effect: "This is not going to work, so you should trade one of us. Whether it’s him or whether it’s me, somebody needs to be traded because this is not going to work.’’ Portland general manager Rich Cho, as well as Roy’s agent, Bob Myers, denied that such a discussion ever happened. "It’s not true,’’ Cho said on Thursday. ------------------------ Broussard hedges a bit on whether the exchange actually occurred, then goes on to say that "Portland’s phone is ringing off the hook" and wonders if Miller could be on the block. As I wrote earlier this week, Roy's trade value and the value of his word, both internally and publicly, have never been lower. Even if this conversation did occur, the logical response from Cho would be a patient approach and an attempt to pacify Roy; It's extremely unlikely Portland would part ways with Miller to appease Roy. With that said, a trade of Miller is not inconceivable. However, it's unlikely to happen in the short term because the Blazers have no replacement for his reliable, productive play and leadership at the point guard position. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter