Brandon Roy Continues To Express Concern Over Playing Time & Injuries


On Saturday night, Portland Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy expressed concern about the heavy minutes he's been playing and his past injury issues. After a tough night in Los Angeles against the Lakers on Sunday and a day off yesterday, Roy continues to express those concerns. Matt Calkins of The Columbian quotes Roy at shootaround today saying, "Are my most athletic days behind me? I'll let you guess. I'll let you take a lucky guess on that one. It's time to adjust." Roy said on Saturday those adjustments would lead him to play more of a "ground game." After Sunday's game, Lakers forward Ron Artest speculated that Roy is playing through a back or knee injury. Roy has refused to use injury as an excuse for his early-season play, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he is playing at 100%. Jason Quick of The Oregonian writes today that Roy still hopes less burn will lead to sharper play because his knee remains a point of discussion with the team's training staff. --------------------- "I’ve been doing things off the court to strengthen it and I continue to work with (trainer) Jay (Jensen) and those guys, and we are still trying to figure out an answer for it. It’s something I have to continue to deal with. "I hope it will get better if the minutes go down,’’ Roy said. "That’s the plan: Get the minutes down, hopefully be more explosive, and everything works out.’’ --------------------- I discussed the Roy situation at some length with Dwight Jaynes and Chad Doing this morning on The Morning Sports Page on 95.5 FM. Grab the audio here. Segment starts at about the four minute mark. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter