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Adjusting Expectations?

New week, long break, time to take stock.  You know about Greg Oden's microfracture surgery.  You know the definitive news about Brandon Roy's knees is precisely vague but that in general it's not good.  It can only be fixed by:

  1. Fewer minutes.  Or...
  2. Taking occasional games off.  Or...
  3. Just playing through it.  Or...
  4. Surgery.  Or...
  5. Being rebuilt better than he was before.  Better...stronger...faster.  (Which, with his new contract, Roy could now afford out-of-pocket.)

In any case, in the face of all this it seems appropriate to ask if you've adjusted your expectations for the season now and if so in what way.  Most people have a target goal, a point at which they'd consider the season a wild success, and a point at which they'd consider it a disaster/disappointment.  What are yours now and have they changed?

Going into the season my target for success was entry into the second round.  Entry into the Western Conference Finals was a possibility depending on the opponent.  Winning the WCF would have been the wild success.  Losing in the first round again would have been a disappointment, if not disaster.

My new approach isn't entirely set in stone, but I'm thinking making the playoffs at all now becomes the goal, with staying out of the 8th seeding being a huge bonus.  Making the second round would have to be considered a big success.  Missing the playoffs would be a disappointment.  I'm not sure about calling it a disaster, depending on what we see in the near-term future.

Agree?  Disagree?  How and why?  Weigh in below.

--Dave (