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Early Press Conference Recap

More analysis of tonight's press conference is forthcoming from Ben Golliver shortly.  I'll have some big-picture discussion once the dust has settled.  But for those who want the quick, nitty-gritty from the proceedings here are a couple of main points:

  • Greg Oden apparently injured his knee during a routine pre-game workout against Joel Przybilla prior to the Blazers-Lakers game last Sunday.  The workout was standard fare between Przybilla and Oden, described as a "hard workout" but par for the course as their recovery neared completion.  Blazers Trainer Jay Jensen was not present during the workout but other team officials were.
  • Oden sat on Portland's bench during Sunday's game and felt no pain or swelling.
  • The first indication of trouble came Monday during Maurice Lucas' funeral when swelling became evident.
  • Oden's knee was drained on Tuesday after which swelling continued.  At that time an MRI was ordered which revealed the problem, described by Jensen as an "Articular Cartilage issue" or "a 9-iron divot of grass" hole in Oden's cartilage.
  • Coach Nate McMillan has not yet addressed the players but will do so tomorrow.
  • Most of the press conference discussion was medical.  Jensen spoke at length, McMillan contributed.  General Manager Rich Cho was quiet during most of the proceedings.

More to come.

--Dave (