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Rudy Fernandez's European Agent Gerard Darnes Doubles Down: Sends Email To Local Media

As noted this morning, the European agent for Rudy Fernandez, Gerard Darnes, blasted back at Fernandez's critics in a radio interview with Dwight Jaynes and Chad Doing on 95.5 FM's The Morning Sports Page.

Moments ago, Darnes sent the following email to members of the local media. He has granted permission for Blazersedge to publish the email in full.


This morning I was at the radio 95.5 to address some of the issues that has been lately talked about Rudy Fernandez.

First of all, I don't think anybody has the right to make fun or joking about a human being wishes and desires, and nobody can evaluate how fine or how sad a human being is being far from home, friends and culture. Nobody can blame any little thing about Rudy practice and attitude. He has been playing in every practice that he could.

He apologize to the staff and to the owner if anything he said hurted them during the summer. He said what he desire clearly in media day and he cannot say it again and louder because the NBA already fined him, but is clear which are his sensations. Also, as he said, is not getting used to the NBA system, he likes the European style of game better.

In my personal opinion, NBA and the Union have to find new rules that adjust the relationships between NBA franchise and the rest of the world. Some situations like what Rudy is living, or some specific cases like the Draft for International players has no sense anymore.

Thank you,

Gerard Darnes 
U1st Sports 

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter