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An Announcement And Some Thanks

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a position with and I will begin contributing to their league-wide coverage on the NBA Facts and Rumors Blog on a full-time basis starting October 13th. As part of the agreement, I will continue my work here at Blazersedge.

Before I dig back into the training camp coverage this afternoon, I want to say a quick word of thanks to some people that helped make this happen.

First, thanks to Dave for everything.

Second, thanks to Tyler BleszinskiJohn Taylor and Seth Pollack from SB Nation for the opportunities they've provided and to Eric Kay, Michael Coulter, Ken BergerMatt Moore and Royce Young from CBS Sports for this new opportunity. 

Finally, thanks to our excellent moderators, to Henry Abbott for being the Blogfather, to Dwight Jaynes for being the Godfather, and to the Portland Trail Blazers, their basketball operations staff and their communications staff for all of the help over the past four seasons. I would also thank Kevin Pelton but he still hasn't paid me back for the bail money I lent him last spring.

I am also excited to announce that "The Wire" is no longer my favorite television show. It has been unseated by "Everybody Loves Raymond."

You can follow's NBA Facts and Rumors Blog on Twitter here

OK, back to work. Thanks for reading.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter