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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Knicks (Tip-off)

It's time for tip-off between the Portland Trail Blazers (2-0) and the New York Knicks (1-1). Hang out here and discuss the Blazers' only visit to MSG this season. Please note the game is on KXL radio today.

Watch: CSNNW (Portland), NBA League Pass Broadband (Free preview, outside of Portland only)
Listen: KXL 750 AM (Portland) or NBA Audio League Pass (National)

Don't forget the usual rules:

  1. No swearing
  2. No pictures
  3. No discussions of Internet game streams not approved by the NBA
  4. Extra rule! This is the GDT for the Blazers. If you'd like to discuss the Oregon Ducks, head to SBN's Addicted to Quack!
Have fun! -- Tim