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Samsung Board Of Directors Seeks YOUR Input On Technology

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Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Samsung as part of an SB Nation wide series. Keep reading, and that will become obvious.


It's not every day that global icons make their way to tiny Portland, Oregon, to solicit feedback regarding the future of the world, but that's exactly (sort of) what is happening right here, right now, in this very space.


Who are these gentlemen? Why, it's the Board of Directors for Samsung Corporation. If you don't believe me, click here to go to their website and realize that I spent 20 minutes cropping together their head shots to make the graphic above, although I did not spend the extra two minutes to line those head shots up neatly. 

I am meeting all seven of these men for a business lunch at Mary's Jake's to discuss the one question in the entire world that is their collective obsession: how does technology Enhance Your ExperienceTM while watching sports? 

If I don't bring some good ideas, these gentlemen (especially the third from the left) will not be pleased. The pressure is on!

This morning, I started brainstorming ways that technology has enhanced my experience watching sports but the list wound up looking more like ways that technology has ruined my life.

  • Such as, "I start sweating uncontrollably if I go without [social network site that starts with a T] for more than 15 minutes."
  • Such as, "My laptop is now worth more than my car."
  • Such as, "After one too many Red Bulls at 3 AM, Freebot starts to look kind of cute."
  • Such as, "Maybe surgically implanting a wireless mouse into my hand wasn't the best idea."
  • Such as, "I'm now the kind of [expletive] that carries two phones. I swore to myself I wouldn't become that person."
So, come on Blazersedge community. Help me out. Help the Samsung Board of Directors out. Let's make this lunch a success, even though it's a figment of my imagination and part of a carefully choreographed national advertising campaign by an international monolith.

In the comments, please (seriously, I'm begging you) weigh in: How has technology Enhanced Your ExperienceTM watching sports? What's your favorite sports-related technological advance during recent years?

Next week, I'll pull together the best nominations prior to my important lunch meeting.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter