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Sunday Discussion: How Much Is Too Much?

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with one of those non-sports-related-type folks when an age-old claim arose.  My fellow debater piped up with, "I just can't follow professional sports because they make too much money."  Of course the usual descriptions followed:  obscene, out of whack, 92 billion times the salary of the average teacher, etc.  We've all seen this canard take wings before.  Its proponents have a point.  Especially in this economy it's difficult imagining some guys making $1-2 million per month for entertaining us via a game.  We've heard the retaliatory saws buzz as well.  What about actors and actresses?  What about the unique skill-set combined with short careers?  What about "whatever the market will bear"?

Normally I'd pass on this as a public discussion topic but I think it holds extra interest right now precisely because we're going to hear league owners argue strenuously over the next 12 months that players do make way too much money compared to the service they render.  Between that and this not having come up at Blazersedge before, at least that I can remember, I'm throwing the doors open for your thoughts.  Is the old outcry (or the flag being raised by the owners) correct?  Do players make too much?  Why or why not?  You can be logical or just shoot from the hip.  If anybody has reason to support these guys and their salaries one would think members of a community like this would.  I'll be interested to hear what you think.

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