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The Long Haul

Musing over the start of this Portland Trail Blazers season versus those of years past got me digging a little in the historical files this weekend.  I guess I instinctively know that the team has undergone radical change in the last few years but clicking on the 2005-06 Roster Page over at Basketball Reference really drove the point home.  Take a gander at the lineup five years ago:

  • Steve Blake, Juan Dixon, Jarrett Jack, Viktor Khryapa, Voshon Lenard, Darius Miles, Sergei Monia, Travis Outlaw, Ruben Patterson, Joel Przybilla, Zach Randolph, Ha Seung-Jin, Brian Skinner, Charles Smith, Sebastian Telfair, Martell Webster, Head Coach Nate McMillan

Przybilla and McMillan are the only names surviving into 2010.  That brings up a question...

The team likely won't see such radical turnaround over the next five years.  That 2005-06 squad went 21-61 (bet you didn't want to be reminded of that), all but mandating an overhaul.  Even so, five seasons does end up looking like an eternity for many NBA lineups.  If you had to predict which players from the current roster will still be with the Blazers five years from now, which would you choose?  Explain your reasoning if you wish.

As an added bonus, if you'd like to detail what changes have happened in your life since 2005 (or even those you hope will happen over the next five years) for comparison's sake, feel free.

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