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Weekend Discussion #2: How Close to Graduation?

In one of last week's threads I opined that expecting the Blazers to win a championship this year was like expecting a young kid doing relatively well in reading and math to get his diploma immediately.  Immediate praise for the student is both real and necessary but that doesn't mean he's learned everything he needs to yet.

Time for you to weigh in.  Let's say a title equals a high school diploma.  What year in school are this year's Blazers in?  Every grade is open from kindergarten to senior year.  Figure the question however you wish EXCEPT that we're not going on a strict "one year in school equals one NBA season" basis, otherwise there'd be no need for the full range of grades.  Kindergarten means "barely even started yet".  Senior year means "right now or very soon with only a bit of development left".   Everything else is in between.

Which grade are the Blazers in?  How close to graduation are they?

--Dave (