Hello again. I´m writing just after having had dinner with Marc Gasol, who´s come to Portland with his team for the next game against the Blazers. I´m going to tell you how this day went on. We met each other for the first time when we were 10 or 12 years old. We were born the same year and have been playing together for the Spanish and Catalan national teams all our life. So he came to my home for lunch and we´ve passed afternoon and evening together. After lunch we were playing to a soccer videogame and I won´t tell you how much time we spent playing because I feel embarrassed. But I´m going to tell you some stories. Marc is a dirty player. He came and told me: “It´s been a lot of time since I haven´t played, so you get a bad team and we can play more evenly.” To my surprise he has been playing a lot in his home, so he defeated me easily. What a sucker! I became very annoyed. We both are fiercely competitive. So He started winning and we kept playing games. Another, and another, and another.... Too many games. Only to make it clear: in the last game he played with the Barcelona and I picked up the Real Madrid . I won 3-0, two goals by Ronaldo and one by Benzema. Then we watched the Atlanta-Miami and went out for dinner to a Japanese. As I´m still injured (by the way, I think I´ll be ready to play by the 1-18), I won´t be able to play against him, and even though we´re friends, there´s no friendship on the court. Many times I´ve thought what might happen if Marc would get into a fight with one of my teammates. I think I´d try to calm him down and that´d be all. But, of course, if I could make a dunk on his face I would. And I would be a whole month rub it in, as he does when he wins playing video games. He´s a bad winner! But I´m realistic: I know it´s almost impossible to dunk on Marc´s face because the blow I´d receive would be incredible. There´s a lot of talking these days about the "Gilbert Arenas and the guns" incident. In the locker room there´s been some talk, but not much. The culture about guns here it totally different from Spain´s. They say it´s about defense. Anyway, I seriously doubt that something similar might happen in my team. . In fact. I can´t imagine who, among my teammates, might have a gun. Portland is a very quiet town, but, for example, the other day I was going to go out of a restaurant and the police didn´t let me go because in the next street there´d been a gunfight. That´s marked on me now (he can´t forget it). There´s good security in the NBA (in every trip there´s security personal provided by our franchise, for example), but I´ve never felt I wasn´t safe. Sometime at home, because it´s big, you get scared if you heard some strange noise, but nothing else. What I´m sure about is that I never had a gun. For gunfights I have the Playstation.