Rudy Marca Blog-translated.


About the "famous" foul by Charlie Villanueva: The truth is that at first I didn´t think it was that hard. It was a foul and no more. However, all of a sudden I was on the floor and … everybody was coming on me, they were going to step on me! So I stood up and moved apart. Then, how I can explain it, let´s say that my physic it´s not the best to go into that mess to separate. I couldn´t do too much among all those guys and I could have been suspended. As I told you, I didn´t think the foul was that hard, but Howard is awesome. I have a wonderful relationship with him, and he´s a like a father for all of us, so he quickly came to defend me. The game was very tough (physically), but we were aware of it: coach told us that they would play that way trying to push us out of the court. It surprised me Hamilton going so much into that kind of play though. Rudy also says he likes to act for commercials."I like to play the fool, and it´s a lot of fun". He reminds us that he´s preparing an interview for his fans and you can ask him questions in his website or in his Facebook.