Blazersedge night helps Salem kids

Hey guys,

I have been a lurker for a while and a small time poster, but I now have something truly awesome to post about.

I work with underpriveledged kids at North Salem High School, a Title I school. For those that don't know the US Department of Education ranks schools according to the economic status of the families who send kids there. Title 1 is the poorest.

Well, we received a phone call last Friday from the blazers ticket office saying they would like to give us 60 tickets to the game against the Hornets next Monday night. I ecstatically started contacting some of the kids I have closer relationships with and we quickly signed up 60 kids to bus up from Salem to go to the game. We even have 20 more on a waiting list.

We then had to figure out how to get the kids to the game. Tickets are great, but few of these kids have licenses, and even less have cars. We talked to the school board and they offered to sign us up for a bus and pay for the gas. Unfortunately we would still have to pay for a driver as well as the mileage/rental costs for the evening. Totaling over $300, and having no resources budgeted for this, it looked like we may have to pass on this great opportunity.

On Wednesday I got a phone call from a community member who heard about our dilemma. She promptly asked where to send a check and who to make it out to. Hooray!!

I read this site every 3 days or so, and didn't even connect that it was this community that bought the tickets until yesterday evening. I just want to thank this community from the depths of my heart. Most of these kids don't have stable homes, money for decent clean clothes, the ability to maintain jobs etc..

This is such a blessing for the kids. You should have seen the delight on some of their eyes when I asked them if they would like to go to a FREE Blazer game.

Thanks again.

Edit: to clarify I am not 100% sure the tickets came from B-edge, but the circumstantial evidence points in that direction.