Blake Wins 1st Round vs Miller


OK, it's no big deal, but indicative of Blake's competitiveness. He won't go down without a fight. The 10th annual McMillan Derby was run last night at practice. The Winner (and new record holder) - Steve Blake. The only player with a guaranteed contract to fail the conditioning test - Andre Miller. Biggest Upset - Travis Passed. Way to go Travis! "Blake set what McMillan believes is the best time for any player in his 10-years of holding the test, finishing with 24 seconds to spare." "Miller finished his four sets 8 seconds under the required time. His punishment is a seven day, 30-minute detention with strength and conditioning coach Bobby Medina." Actually the most meaningful news was that GO tied for the 2nd best time on the team. That's definitely good news, even if everyone doesn't push themselves. Nic and Rudy found a loophole to avoid Nate's torture test. "McMillan allowed Nicolas Batum and Rudy Fernandez to skip the test because they have been playing international basketball all summer."