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Media Day Questions

Media Day (and the start of training camp) approaches rapidly.  We'll be in attendance, of course.  And as attendees we will have access to Blazer glitterati from Casey Holdahl to Kevin Pritchard plus pretty much any player you can name.  To mark the event we're asking you, the Blazersedge readers, if you could ask one question of one member of the Blazers organization what would it be?  Post your best question in the comments.  Who knows?  Perhaps it will be asked.  If so, you can be sure you'll read about it here.  92 Blazersedge Points will be awarded to anyone whose actual question we use (unless it's a paste-obvious question) and the author of the most humorous question (whether used or not) will be awarded 68 Blazersedge Points.

By the way, be sure to check our Twitter account at for real-time updates and check here often for accounts of the interviews.

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