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The One Thing

I actually have a couple of verrrrrryyyy interesting pieces to post this week but each is dependent on a third party and my third parties are being just a tad slow at the moment.  SO...while we're all waiting for that, here's a discussion I was saving for late in the pre-season.  We'll just have it now.

What one thing do the Blazers need in order to maximize their success this season?

It doesn't matter what you think that maximum level of success will be.  It could be anywhere from reaching the second round of the playoffs (nobody's going lower than that, I hope) to winning the Finals.  Whatever it is for you, what's the single most important factor in getting there?

Try to be more specific than broad.  Also the question is ONE factor.  No top ten lists.  No hedging.  No compound sentences with liberal use of the word "and".  Pick your point and acquit yourself well with it.  Do feel free to reply to each other and discuss other people's factors at length.

--Dave (