State of the Spurs (Ambassador Post)

Last time I talked about the Spurs, things looked rather bleak going into the new season. Manu was injured, Timmy closed out the season on bad knees, and it looked like they might try for a big time free agent in '10, sacrificing '09. My how things have changed.

Obviously, the Spurs traded for Richard Jefferson, giving up virtually nothing to do so. He provides an athletic scorer on the wing who can take some of the pressure off if Manu is injured. Also, the theory goes, now that he's playing for a contender again, perhaps he will start playing defense. RJeff is currently injured, thumb got dislocated, but x-rays are negative and he should only miss training camp. Spurs fans are pretty optimistic about Jefferson.

RE: Bowen, most will miss him, some vote good riddance. He's a polarizing figure here too, even if more people like him.

The Spurs also drafted Dejuan Blair, and most people are pretty jazzed about that. Between Blair, McDyess, and the development of Mahinmi, they think the front court will be OK.

They are also watching Les Bleus, because of Mahinmi, Parker, and De Colo. They are mostly cool with Parker's up and down performance as long as he isn't injured. They are somewhat high on De Colo as well. I think they wish they had Batum too...

Spurs fans are expecting a good season. They expect to contend with LA for the top seed, though many think that with Pop's regular season strategy, they may sacrifice seeding for resting the starters. Here in San Antonio, it doesn't really count until the playoffs.

Well, that's the current state of the Spurs and the Spurs fanbase here in south TX, if anything develops, I'll let you know.