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Kevin Pritchard Confirms Lamar Odom Talks, Denies Making Offer

After Brandon Roy's press conference this morning, Kevin Pritchard addressed the rumored Lamar Odom offer with Blazersedge.  Asked about ESPN's report that the Blazers madea  run at Odom, Pritchard stated, "We talked to everybody. It's my job to talk to everybody. But to 'make a run' -- I don't think it would be fair."

Asked if at any point this summer he made a formal offer to Lamar Odom, Pritchard shook his head adamently and said, "We never made an offer." Asked if perhaps an offer was made informally, Pritchard again shook his head no and said, "But we did talk. My job as a General Manager is to talk to everybody. I try to leave no stone unturned and that's what you want out of me."

Due to the size of the rumored offer -- reportedly $40 million over 5 years-- there was some question about whether it occurred before or after Andre Miller's signing.  Had it occurred prior to Miller's signing the Blazers would have had the cap room necessary to make that offer without moving any players.  Had it occurred after Miller's signing, the Blazers likely would have had to dump one, if not two, players to accomodate the contract, or would have had to arrange a sign-and-trade with the Lakers.  

Asked to clarify the timing of his discussions with Odom's camp, Pritchard said, "To be honest with you. I'm not sure," and started laughing. He continued, "I think it happened prior [to the Miller signing] but I think it happened after [too]. Again, my job is to stay in communication with agents at all times, with other GMs at all times. We try to do that."

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