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BE + Kevin Pelton Podcast Episode 002

Coverage from Brandon Roy's signing Press Conference coming later this morning.  In the meantime, here's episode 2 of my podcast series with Kevin Pelton. We broke this week's episode into 4 segments.

Segment 1
Whether Kevin, as a Seattleite, is more proud of his personal accomplishments or of Brandon's accomplishments.
Whether Brandon has a greater emotional pull on his fans than other NBA stars.
A short look at B Roy's contract negotiation and the false comparison with Andrea Bargnani.
Segment 2 
A look back at B Roy's statistical similarity scores.
What specific improvements we would like to see in B. Roy's game.
How I think B Roy can and should be more proactive this season in helping Greg Oden.
Segment 3
Discussion of Rashard Lewis's positive PED test.
I admit to snooping in NBA lockers for illegal supplements and recount my interview with Blazers strength and conditioning coach Bobby Medina.
Kevin shoots down all NBA/steroid conspiracy theories.
Segment 4
Scouting in the NBA: what role do scouts play? Is it changing? 
Reaction to Memphis's decision to disband their college scouts.
Kevin's thoughts on Moneyball's influence on MLB and NBA scouting, including a mind-blowing quote to end the podcast.

The podcast is 48 minutes long and is a 43 megabyte MP3.  

"Right click and save as" this link: Download BE-KP2 Podcast 002

Reminder: there is some PG-13 language music clips in between segments.

-- Ben (