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Weekend Discussion: The Other Side of the Coin

A couple of days ago we asked people to chime in on the best and worst things about Blazer fans.  We were careful to distinguish between that topic and the best and worst things about BEING a Blazer fan.  The response was enthusiastic and the commentary interesting, so this weekend we're going to have a go at the latter question.

What, for you, are the best and worst things about BEING a Blazer fan?  We're not talking about the characteristics of the fanbase as a whole anymore.  We're talking about your favorite thing about following the team--the best reason to do so, if you will--and whatever makes it hard as well.

My best thing would be the sense of camaraderie you get from supporting the Blazers.  The entire fanbase has been raised on the same set of stimuli.  When you mention Clyde Drexler or Rasheed Wallace everybody knows who you're talking about.  Not only that, everybody has an emotional reaction and stories to share.  And when they share those stories, everybody else knows what they're talking about.  Blazer fans are bonded.  You could meet a guy in a L*kers jersey in China and not know who the heck he is.  That guy wearing a Blazers jersey--whether it's in Beijing, Bangkok, or Barcelona--you know him.

The hardest thing for me is just how long it's been since the team won it all.  Many folks weren't alive in '77.  For the rest the championship is relegated to nostalgia.  The times we've come close since have been thrilling but ultimately we've had to settle for just falling short.  We've found a million things to love about the team but it would be nice to have that one, shining moment again.  You wouldn't have to explain why you root for them.  The excellence would be clear to everyone.

Those are mine, what are yours?  Have at it below.  I always enjoy the responses.

--Dave (