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BE + KP2 Podcast Episode 4

Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back after a one-week hiatus with episode 4 of our newly-christened basketball podcast. Slightly shorter episode this week but we crunched a bunch of content into 46 minutes.

Click through for an episode preview and iTunes download instructions.

This week's episode has a short intro and 3 full segments.  


The official naming of the podcast.
Briefly reminiscing about collecting basketball cards.

Segment 1:

LaMarcus Aldridge: where does he stand, what's next and is there a better, younger 4 in the NBA?
The evolution of the Power Forward position: has any position changed more over the last decade than the 4?
When and why do 7 foot 4s fall in love with their jumpers?
How does Blake Griffin fit in? A hybrid between throwback and modern 4s? What about Rashard Lewis? Paul Millsap? David Lee?
How Steve Novak helped me win an argument over KP2.

Segment 2:

Inflated scorekeeping: a threat to the sanctity of basketball?
Kevin's experiences keeping score over the years.
Discussing the over-reliance on box scores: How "Groupthink" develops in the post-game locker room hallways and makes its way into game recaps.
Could more advanced box scores be helpful? What would they include?

Segment 3:

A number-crunching post preview: What is the relationship between roster retention and winning percentage? Does winning cause roster retention or does roster retention cause winning?
A look back at 40 years of Blazers rosters: when was there the most turnover? The least? Which 4 Blazers played together the longest? Which 2 players played together the longest?
What makes the last 6 years of Blazers history so remarkable from a winning percentage standpoint? Why is this good news for Kevin Pritchard?

Musical Interludes:

Ahmad - Back in the Day (remix)
Boom Tho - Internet Dominance [first heard over at the ridiculously awesome Ridiculous Upside]
AZ - I'm Back


Right click and save as to Download BE and KP2 Podcast Episode 004.

The mp3 is 42 megabytes.

Remember there are some mildly pg-13 musical interludes.


Thanks to prezofdeath we have these easy iTunes setup instructions (takes less than 60 seconds).  

  1. Open Itunes. Select "Advanced" in the menu at the top.
  2. Click "Subscribe to Podcast..."
  3. Enter the following code into the box that opens up:
  4. All of our past episodes should load in your podcasts folder. You can then download any/all of the episodes that you would like. Future episodes should then load automatically.

Note: You may need to close/open Itunes for the episodes to appear and the downloads to start. Make sure you're running the latest version of Itunes.  If you are having any difficulty, just download using the link posted above. More advanced iTunes functionality coming shortly.

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