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Blazersedge Summer Essay Contest Voting

As promised, it is now time to vote for the winning essay in the Blazersedge Summer Essay Contest.  Entries were solicited in three categories:  Personal Best Blazer Moment Ever, Best Blazer Move Ever, Tribute to an Unheralded Blazer.  Representatives have been selected from each category.  Because the submissions were heavily imbalanced in favor of the personal stories, I selected four submissions from that category and only two from each of the others.

While the essay receiving the most votes in each category will receive a prize, only the overall winner will get the Grand Prize of an autographed Brian Grant jersey.

The submissions are linked below, labeled A-H.  The presentation order has been determined randomly.  Your job is to read them and then vote for ONE and ONLY ONE in the comment section.  Vote by letter, one vote per person.  Voting will remain open through Monday at 11:59 PM.

Here are the submissions:

Entry A    Entry B    Entry C    Entry D

Entry E    Entry F    Entry G    Entry H

Have fun reading!  Remember, vote for ONE only!

--Dave (