Trail Blazers Transactions Flowchart 2010-11

Portland Trail Blazers Transactions Flowchart, last updated November 2010 with the latest roster moves depicting the situation at the start of the 2010-11 season.

For more explanations regarding the background to this project, see my first FanPost with the chart from April 2009.


Because the chart is so big, this image is only a preview. You can use the following ways to access the chart:

Option 1:  Navigate it online with the Google Maps interface. Zoom in and out with the navigation at the top left, use the arrow buttons or drag the image when zoomed in to move in all directions like on a map. Some loading time for each "tile", but high quality.

Option 2: Download it as a PDF (via Rapidshare. You don't need to sign up for an account. High quality, but only ca. 1 MB)

Option 3Open/Download it as a JPG image (via Plixi, ca. 5 MB, rename it after saving). Alternative JPG dowload (via Rapidshare).

As stated before the order in which the current players are listed from top to bottom is purely based on how the chart developed and where I had space, not sorted by any preference. The icons for the drafts are in the upper third all on one line and now marked with a red border to have some consistency and orientation along with the years. A legend for the symbols is in the bottom-right corner, but I hope most of it is self-explanatory.


  • The moves from draft day 2010 and free agency to the start of the season
  • Connectors from players involved in draft day trades to the draft they were selected in should be more consistent now
  • A number of small revisions and corrections
  • The most recent extensive moves among coaching staff and executives (not dated or with connectors due to space constraints)

A few anecdotes from this chart (more in previous versions of this post):

  • I finally figured out what the vague "future considerations" were the Blazers got in the Fred Jones deal I had in the chart until now: He gave up his player option for his final year. Press release.

  • I'm currently still including the draft rights to former University of Connecticut legend and Ray Allen teammate and long-term Israel national team player Doron Sheffer, but the picture in this article somehow tells me he's retired for good and it's somewhat likely the Blazers only retain the rights to two of those picks from many years ago who are still active; along with the more recent Claver, Koponen and Freeland. 
  • Quiz: What do the Blazers still have to show for trading away Zach Randolph? Waiting. Still w aiting.

    Answer: Armon Johnson and Patty Mills. Maybe another reason Paul Allen reportedly likes Patty a lot. He reminds him of all the money invested to get him and doesn't like the concept of sunk cost ;-)

    Center Ömer Asik who just signed with the Bulls this season (was injured twice while still in Europe during this time which only would have worried fans more but now he is a rotation player) was the second round pick acquired in the Z-Bo deal together with Channing Frye and the immediately bought-out Steve Francis.  That pick then got converted into three more second round picks that turned out to be the now waived Jeff Pendergraph (who also cost the Blazers Sergio and cash to acquire), Mills, and Johnson.

  • Maybe the best trade of the Kevin Pritchard era (unless of course you count the Roy and Aldridge acquisitions while he was still an assistant GM): A small deal on draft day 2006 sending #31 pick James White to Indiana. Ultimately this was the foundation to get Nicolas Batum, Dante Cunningham and the rights to Petteri Koponen.

  • The #3 pick that became Deron Williams for Utah is now Luke Babbitt in its latest reincarnation; and if you want to count it part of the Hornets future first round pick acquired in the Jack -> Bayless -> draft pick trade sequence, as well as the draft rights to Joel Freeland. Mhm. Personally I'm not a huge D-Will fan, but I would not hesitate to use this as exhibit A for why trading down from a high pick is rarely a good idea.

Thanks again to Prosportstransactions as an invaluable source for much of the information. Also check out the flowcharts by Wyn Douglas from Canis Hoopus that he is maintaining not just for the Blazers but for all teams (with a focus on how the current rosters were assembled, not looking back further in time) and this very interesting visual history of the Blazers by Tim Robinson showcasing many aspects including who was on the roster at a certain time. Have a nice day.