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BE + Kevin Pelton Podcast Episode 003

Here's episode 3 of my podcast series with Kevin Pelton. Stat heads this one is for you as I probe KP2's vast mind for some intricate, never-before-seen-or-heard Blazers stat knowledge before rounding out the episode with our first special guest interview. This week's extended play episode is broken into 4 segments. 

Segment 1:

Our continued struggle to name the podcast
Shortened rosters in the NBA: Causes and Effects
An extensive look at which players currently without contracts could make a difference for a contender this year

Segment 2:

KP2 introduces Basketball Prospectus's improved player projection system for 2009
Nic Batum and Steve Blake: what does KP2's system expect from each?
Pelton's system answers the question, "Does it matter whether Miller or Blake starts?"

Segment 3:

Pelton discusses his team projections with an early preview of the Western Conference and predicts a Northwest Division winner
Expectations for the Blazers: What's more important, total wins or the division title?
Pelton explains the "Plexiglass Principle" and whether the Blazers might fall victim to it

Segment 4:

Guest interview with Clyde Drexler
The Glyde discusses: Memories from the 1992 Dream Team, the Andre Miller signing, handicapping the Western Conference race, how many games it would take for the Dream Team to beat the 2008 Men's National Team in a 7 game series, among other topics.   

The podcast is 54 minutes long and is a 50 megabyte MP3.  

"Right click and save as" this link: Download BE-KP2 Podcast 003 

Reminder: there is some PG-13 language music clips in between segments.

This week's musical interludes:

1. Mos Def - Mathematics 2. Beanie Sigel - Feel It In The Air 3. Rick Ross - Magnificent

For those of you asking: sorry for the delay, iTunes functionality coming shortly.

-- Ben (