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The Next CBA--What Do You Want?

As part of my duties around the network I have the good fortune of being able to talk with bloggers covering the NFL and MLB.  Inevitably the discussion winds around to the salary structure, or lack thereof, in the various leagues.  Every system seems to have its advantages and disadvantages.  So when Timbo shot me an e-mail suggesting a conversation surrounding the next CBA and its potential changes, the topic seemed like a natural.

This will probably turn into a multi-day topic as I share some of my thoughts but I want to start by just opening up the table for you.  What do you like about the current CBA in the NBA?  Anything you dislike?  If you could wave a magic wand over the next series of negotiations between the owners and players and get them to accept any system you chose, what changes would you make?  Same cap?  Hard cap?  NO cap?  Max salaries?  Rookie salaries?  Exceptions? 

But don't stop there.  How do you feel about the age restrictions?  Drug policy?  Roster rules?  Trade restrictions?  Anything you want to tackle is good.  If you can suggest solutions as well as shining the glaring light on the problems.  Let us know what you think is at stake and what benefits and drawbacks your proposed solutions would have.

I'm going to read your comments and riff off of them in my own analysis.  So let me know what's most important to you about the current and future Collective Bargaining Agreement.

--Dave (

P.S.  Don't forget that Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. is the deadline for submissions for our Summer Essay Contest.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, click the link.  Make sure your entry gets in on time.