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Marion to Mavericks

Haven't seen this confirmed in the sidebar yet so here you go.

Sources say the next domino in the Hedo saga is that the Toronto Raptors will send Shawn Marion to the Dallas Mavericks  in a trade that involves the Grizzlies as well.

Marion, and Kris Humphries go to Dallas along with Greg Buckner from Memphis.

The Grizzlies get Jerry Stackhouse, Quincy Douby, and enough money to immediately buy out Stackhouse's contract.

The Raptors get Devean George and Antoine Wright from the Mavericks, which could allow them to sign Turkoglu and still hold on to Carlos Delfino.

The Orlando Magic are reportedly also putting their name on the deal so they can acquire a trade exception for Hedo instead of just letting him walk.

Such fun.

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