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Summer League Coverage Question

Remember when we did the Nic Batum overkill practice breakdown last fall? That was fun. Let's try something similar again.

Summer League practice starts tomorrow morning and runs for 3 days. Portions of each practice will be open to the media so this could turn into a great opportunity to see some of these younger guys get some run before Vegas.

I'd like to know what/who you'd like covered in the most depth over the next 3 days? Is it 2009-2010 starting Point Guard Jerryd Bayless? Is it one of the 3 draft picks? Is it all 3 of draft picks evenly? Is it someone else entirely? Here's the Summer League roster in case you've forgotten what we're talking about.

Please vote in the poll and explain in the comments. If you'd like to see something covered at practice and something different covered down in Vegas, let me know. Basically use this thread to sound off on all things Summer League. This is me taking your pulse. Please don't flinch. And thanks in advance!

-- Ben (