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Non-Update on B. Roy and LA's Contract Negotiations

The Blazers are getting some run today over at ESPN.  First, a curious Lamar Odom story and now this; unfortunately, the following is more non-news than real news but at least it confirms the sky isn't falling for Portland's two franchise players.

Marc Stein writes...

Much tougher to understand is the ongoing stalemate between the Blazers and Roy on an extension, which developed because Portland initially offered a four-year deal as opposed to the maximum five years Roy understandably thinks he deserves.

Two weeks since the impasse went public, we're still waiting for the next tangible development. Roy's agent Bob Myers, though, remains optimistic, telling "We're continuing discussions daily and are hoping for a resolution at some point."


Aldridge was similarly optimistic when we spoke about the negotiations toward his own contract extension this summer, indicating that he believes his deal will get done in spite of the slow start to talks for both he and Roy.     

I'm still not worried.

 -- Ben (