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Best and Worst: Offseason Moves

The Emeka Okafor-Tyson Chandler deal probably marks the end of the big-time moves for the summer.  Basketball guys usually go on vacation in late July and stay away through August.  Anything is possible, but the next opportunity for significant moves will probably coincide with the opening of training camp.  Until then we're stuck with learning the fate of Ramon Sessions, David Lee, and Lamar Odom.  Woo hoo.

So, in a summer where more big names discussed, traded, and re-signed than we've seen in recent memory we're asking you what the best and worst moves have been so far.  Which team helped themselves most by a specific move and which team tried to help themselves but are going to end up falling flat on their face?  Any move or change of contract status is eligible.  Give us your votes below.

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