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Miller, Blake and Bayless: How Will This Sort Out?

If today's reports are true, the Blazers now have something of a log jam at the point guard position. Andre Miller is a durable, reliable, high-minute player, Steve Blake has succeeded in both starting and backup roles, and Jerryd Bayless played relatively few minutes as a rookie backup last year and is itching to see increased playing time.

Can the Blazers keep all three? Would they want to? Would all three guys be cool with that?

Keep in mind:

  • Andre Miller is rumored to have been guaranteed two years on his deal, earning roughly $7 million a year.
  • Steve Blake is in the last year of his deal that will pay him $4 million this year.
  • Jerryd Bayless is in the second year of his rookie contract, earning $2.1 million this year.

Please answer the poll question and discuss who you think will start and get the minutes.

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