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The Blazersedge Summer Essay Contest (with cool prize!)

As the spring wound down we teased you with a couple of forthcoming summer announcements to be brought out after Summer League had ended.  That eventuality has occurred, so today we bring out our first...if not exactly the biggest of them at least the most fun.

Blazersedge is going to have a Summer Essay Contest.  The rules are below.  Please read them carefully.  But before you do that, you'll want to know what you're writing for.

The grand prize for this contest was donated by an amazing long-time reader.  It's a very fancy, old-school (higher quality than the new stuff) Brian Grant replica jersey in road black signed by Brian Grant himself.  The autograph is right on the front along the white stripe.  It's a men's 48 size but this would be another of those things that you could well end up hanging or framing instead of wearing.

How do you get your hands on that jersey?  Read on.

Essays will be solicited for the next three weeks.  The final day for submission will be Wednesday, August 12th.

Essays must cover one of these three topics:

A.  My personal greatest Blazer moment.  (This would be from your point of view.)

B.  The single best move the Trail Blazers ever made.

C.  The unheralded Blazer (past or present) who should get more recognition.

Only one entry per person!  In other words you must pick one of those topics for your essay.  You can't submit one on each.  Entries will be judged on their adherance to the topic, convincing argument (or passion in the stories in the case of Subject A), entertainment/pleasant presentation, and the ability to convey the point with as much detail as necessary and as much economy as possible.  Longer isn't necessarily better but you do need to stand out, obviously.

Entries must be submitted as Fanposts.  They must have "Contest Entry" in the title or they will not be considered.   Entries cannot be accepted by e-mail or other means.  ALSO please do not clog up the sidebar with 10 entries jammed together.  If you see a bunch of other entries in the sidebar already, wait a day until it clears out.  There's no benefit to going early.  Please don't include pictures, video, or anything else but your essay in the post.  Words alone count.

Community members should feel free to comment in submissions.  At the end of the contest we'll take the best essays from each category and have people vote on them.  The winner in each category will receive a little sumthin'-sumthin' and be eligible for the final vote to determine who will get the jersey.

Again:  One entry per person on one of the three topics presented.  Submit in Fanposts with "Contest Entry" in the title but don't clog up the sidebar if a bunch of them are already there.  Leave room for other things too.  Deadline August 12th.

Enjoy writing and reading!

--Dave (