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Trevor Ariza the Consolation Prize?

As Blazer Ninja pointed out in a Fanshot, RealGM has reposted a YahooSports Twitter saying that league executives feel that either Toronto or Portland, whichever team loses out on Hedo Turkoglu, will offer a $32-$40 million contract to L*kers reserve Trevor Ariza.

Now obviously this information is now fourth-hand...from Blazer Ninja through RealGM through Twitter through unnamed executives.  Take it as such.  Although I'd stake my life on Blazer Ninja's credibility I wouldn't be surprised to see the hand of Ariza's agent in there somewhere.  But if there's a grain of truth to it...sheesh!

Look...I love Trevor Ariza.  I think he'd be the kind of player who could add to Portland's mix without disrupting much or demanding the ball.  He's young, athletic, and defensive-minded.  He'd be a really solid pick-up.  But $32-$40 million?!?  That better be a 16-year contract.

I mean, the guy made $3.1 million last year.  Even with his contributions he's probably going to end up a reserve.  For that kind of scratch you better end up with a starter, if not a productive one.  You're going to end up tacking on a luxury tax premium on that kind of deal.  I don't think you pay 2-for-1 for Trevor Ariza no matter how much you like him.  One of his main drawing cards is that he's a role player who produces more than he costs.  You love him precisely because he's a value guy.  If he's pulling down $8-10 million per year how much do you have to pay Outlaw or Webster, let alone Bayless and Rudy eventually?

And speaking of thought he was frustrated with the Blazers maybe picking up Turkoglu?  Wait until the bump on the back of his head starts throbbing.

I'm all for Ariza, or a guy like Ariza, but not at that price.  One thing I assume the Blazers know is that you can really get burned overpaying for players off of successful teams that those successful teams also deemed not feasible to keep.

--Dave (