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Summer League Game 1: Blazers vs. Raptors Open Thread


Baylesspalooza begins tonight at 5PM PST!

Tonight's Summer League game against the Raptors will not be televised by Comcast. You can listen to the game on 95.5 FM.

To watch the game online follow this link and sign up for NBA Summer League Broadband.  The price is $14.99 but you'll have access to every summer league game. I signed up this afternoon and am catching bits of the riveting Minnesota vs. D-League Select game; the video quality is good and the feed has been reliable.   

For a great slideshow of images from Saturday's practice (including the one above) taken by Alex McDougall click here

What to watch for tonight?  Here's a list of five things; feel free to add your own in the comments...

  • How well does Jerryd Bayless communicate with his teammates, particularly Jeff Pendergraph and Dante Cunningham? He's been talking about being a leader and making the right decisions all week, it's time to show and prove. 
  • How do the two rookies deal with jitters and nerves?  Do they rise to the ocassion or shrink under the spotlight?
  • Do either Pendergraph or Cunningham demonstrate a go-to NBA offensive weapon, whether that be hitting the offensive boards, a mid-range jumper, or something else?
  • DeMar DeRozan. The 2009 lottery pick is coming off a 20+ point performance and is sure to provide some electricity with his leaping ability. 
  • Who helps Bayless pad his assist total? KP2 says look out for Bobby Jones.

BE coverage from Las Vegas will begin at the Blazers' next game Wednesday night and continue through Sunday.

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