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Paul Allen Talks Blazers Offseason

Blazers Owner Paul Allen was on hand at the Practice Facility today to watch the draft prospects work out. He chatted with the media briefly after the workout was completed. Here's a brief video. Check your volume because there are some loud sneaker squeaks that could puncture an eardrum in the background.

A full workout recap will be coming later tonight, depending on how distracting Game 3 turns out to be.

Some cuts...

Looking at any particular positions: "It's more about depth and getting the best player."

On the finances: "You have to think very carefully about the tax... we have salary cap room this year, going up to that if we found the right player is something we would do."

Is the championship window open?... "Our guys are really progressing. 54 wins was an impressive record. The question is: how do we take the next step?"

On his own involvement on draft day: "I'm the guy that has to hold on to his wallet on draft day. I throw a few ideas out there and hopefully some of those make sense." 

Allen also expressed his excitement at next season being right around the corner.

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