Rumor: Sergio Rodriguez to the Knicks

Edit from Ben... FYI... Surprise, surprise, Alan Hahn just wrote on twitter "Sergio rumor is bogus" and crossed out 3/4 of his article.


Does this have to go in the trade drawer? I figured that was for speculation. This is a doggone, honest-to-goodness, rumor. Um...from Newsday via google translator. But still.

What we have is this story from Eurosport Yahoo! that says, loosely translated, the Knicks already have a deal in place to acquire guard Sergio Rodriguez from the Trail Blazers on draft night.

The story doesn't explain any detail of the deal and is mainly about how Rodriguez, who we know is unhappy with his role in Portland, would love to play in New York. What we don't know is how he gets here with a contract that has one year left at $1.8M (perfect for the Knicks short-term, cost-effective goals) before he becomes a restricted free agent.

Clearly, if this is remotely accurate, there will be other principles in the deal. We know the Knicks have had their eye on Rodriguez all season and have had discussions with Portland about him and Travis Outlaw (going in to his final year at $4M). Those talks involved David Lee, but Lee can not be traded on draft night.

Could this involve a move out of the No. 8 spot? Portland has a plethora of picks, from No. 24 in the first round to No. 33, 55 and 56 in the second round. There has been talk that the Blazers are very high on Stephen Curry. Still, the Knicks can't take on salary without giving some up. There is no one-for-one salary match, but perhaps the Knicks could send two of their 10-day guys (Saer Sene and Joe Crawford, for example) as fillers. Both were signed through the end of this season with a partial guarantee for next season just for these purposes.

Emphasis mine.

Alan Hahn's wrong that the Knicks can't get Sergio without giving up salary. They have a few trade exceptions from their myriad '08-'09 midseason deals to offer in return for Sergio's paltry cap figure ($874,000 on draft night).

But I'd assume the speculation of picks involved would have to be correct. While it's some advantage for the Blazers to get further under the cap, Rodriguez makes so little (though it nearly doubles next year....) that's not really an issue.