hey Storyteller/douglast, do Blake/Outlaw really have unguaranteed contracts?

from the news of KP intending to keep Outlaw/Blake, It really sounds like they have team options instead of unguranteed contracts.

Another possibility is Oregonian didn't understand their contract terms and just assumed it's team option. Because from KP's quote: "We'll keep them, I can't see a scenario where we don't. They've been terrific for us this year. They were major parts of 54 wins. We'll pick them up." He didn't use the specific words - "team option".

But he did seem to predicate that he will keep them no matter what. I don't know, if he can potentially trade them before July 1st, he shouldn't deprive himself of that flexibility and the great benefit comes with that. It's just not KP-style. He usually like to be vague and keep all the options open.

I think it's likely they have team options instead of unguaranteed. In this case keeping them is indeed the no-brainer (I know they can still be traded after July 1st though)

DX's salaries page also lists their final year as partially unguaranteed. Hoopshype doesn't but they don't seem to know unguaranteed contracts exist. Patricia's site also doesn't have it but again there's no "unguaranteed contracts" on any players on her site.

So Storyteller, douglast, or any other CBA gurus, what's your take on what KP said? Please educate me!!! Thanks.