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Bye Frye

Jason Quick is reporting that the Trail Blazers will not make a qualifying offer to forward Channing Frye.  This was somewhat expected as it clears more cap space this summer than any other move the Blazers could make.  Obviously you know the Blazers are going after someone, otherwise they'd not be letting talent go for nothing.

As far as Frye goes, he'll play somewhere.  He's a good player and an even better personality.  Somebody is going to give him the minutes he'll need in order to make an impact.  I'm sure the entire team and affiliated media would join together in wishing him nothing but the best, and in heartfelt manner as well.  If the Blazers had any kind of space for a guy of his skills he'd still be here.  It's just a case of right player, wrong fit.  Channing is too good in all of the wrong areas.  More defense, more rebounding, and more suitability to being a role player are the orders of the day at that spot.

Thank you, Channing.  Try not  to burn us too badly wherever you end up.

--Dave (