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Today's Poll: How Much For Hedo?

As Geoffrey C. Arnold noted, this isn't exactly the best year to be asking for big dollars; Yet potential Blazers target Hedo Turkoglu wants 5 years and $50 million dollars.

It's difficult to envision this year's market supporting 5 and 50, especially considering Orlando's trade for his replacement, talk that Detroit might no longer be interested in his services, and the fact that Sacramento and Toronto -- teams that might not be as likely to shell out big time dollars -- are seen as Portland's probable competition for his services.

Hedo to the Blazers probably comes down to price and contract length. A 5 year deal seems almost out of the question; even 4 years might be pushing it. The Blazers might prefer a shorter-term, bigger per-year dollar deal to limit their long-term obligations but, then again, the more money you commit to Hedo this year, the less money you have available to address your point guard rotation hole.

Below, I've listed some potential offers the Blazers could make to Hedo.

Please note: The question asks for your MAXIMUM offer to Hedo, not your first offer.

Answer the poll question and explain your reasoning in the comments. If you have another offer not listed, feel free to list it in the comments.

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